The Choice between windows hosting and linux hosting

In this very good time, we will try to explain in brief the choice of webhosting, windows hosting or linux hosting. Okay, let’s get in to it.

First let’s talk about Windows Hosting

Windows hosting means hosting of web services that you purchase runs on the Windows operating system.

You need to choose Windows hosting if you plan to use ASP (Active Server Pages) as server scripting, or if you plan to use a database like Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. In the old age, there is microsoft front page, which need windows, to build and develop webpage.

Second we will talk about Linux Hosting

When we talk about Linux hosting , it means that web hosting services runs on the Linux operating system.

The advantages of linux is you do not need to pay lisence like windows operating system.

That’s all our simple explanation and what we can explin about windows hosting and linux hosting. Hopefully it is clear now. So you can make the choice you need, whether you need windows hosting or linux webhosting services. We also hope this brief explanation is helpful for your business.