Quick guide – Step by step on how you can install the app automatically.

In this good day, in 2021 , we would like to share with you a quick guide on how you can install the app automatically.

Okay , without furhter a do, let get started!

Step 1. You need to Login to your cPanel. Use your detail that you have.

Step 2. Look for the Softwares category then choose Softaculous Apps Installer

Step 3. You need Select the application you want to install on your website.

Step 4. Click the New Installation button.

Step 5. Fill in the required details to complete instalation such as Admin Username, Password, Email Address, and others.

Step 6. When you are finished, All you have to do is click the Install button.

That’s it , you have completed an app install. so congratulation.

Important Note: The installation will overwrite or delete the files in your destinaton folder, making sure you have backups first if the file is still needed.

That’s all that we chan share with you to day. Hopefully you can find this quick guide on ow you can install the app automatically usefull for your personal and business situation.

Happy new year 2021!!!!