Learn about shared hosting and it’s benefit for your business

To day we will talk about shared hosting , and what is the benefit of using shared hosting.

Shared hosting is very cost effective, and help you saving money. Why is that? Because with shared hosting, you will no need to pay a server by your self, but the cost of one server will be absorbed by other user in the same server. If there is one server, and in that server consist of let say 50 to 100 website, so you will only need small percentage of the server cost,hardware cost , electricity and other things that required to running a dedicated server.

With shared hosting, you can host your website with your own domain name. Also you can create email , database and other things that offered in the shared hosting features. The email feature for shared hosting is very usefull if you are small business and often require to send email frequently.
Furthermore , You will no need to have responsibility to administration the server, because it will be taken care of your webhost.

That’s all we can share with you about shared hosting option. Hopefully, it will help you a bit to make decision needed for hosting your business website.

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