How to upload your files in to your webhosting account by using file manager.

In this good time we will provide you with short guide on how to upload your files to your web hosting account the easy way , using file manager


You need a web hosting account . If you don’t have sign up yet, you may sign up for our web hosting plan here.

Okay, without further ado, lets get started.

Step 1. Log in to  your cPanel account with user name and password.


Step 2. In the File category, select the File Manager menu.


Step 3. After you select the File Manager, please click on the public_html directory.


Step 4. Click on the Upload button. On the page uploader, you can upload multiple files by selecting all files from your local PC and uploading them to the uploader box. Or click the Choose File button to upload the files one by one.


If there is a maximum file size limit that can be uploaded, it is agreed to save all your files in one folder and compress the folder into the archive .ZIP file format.


That’s it , you now able to upload file to your webhosting account.