How to create a FTP Account via CPanel

How to create a FTP Account via CPanel


In this good time, we will provide simple guide on how to create a FTP Account via CPanel.

If you have webhosting account with control panel cPanel you can follow the following steps to create a FTP Account via cPanel to upload all your files.

1. Login to your cPanel.

2. In the Files category, select the FTP Accounts menu.

3. Enter your FTP account username in the Log In field.

4. Set a password in the Password and Password (Again) fields with a complex format.

5. Specify the location path for the directory that can be accessed by the user in the Directory column.

6. Determine the number of files that can be uploaded by the user in the Quota option.

7. When finished, click the Create FTP Account button.

That’s it, you have an access and successfully create FTP Account for your hosting.

You can access the FTP account using a third party application such as FileZilla. In most cases you will be asked to enter the following details:

Host: IP Address of your web server / domain name

Username: The name of the FTP account that you have created

Password: The FTP account password that you have created

Port: Leave this empthy. If it is required, you can enter port 21 (default FTP port)

That’s all our guide that we can give to you, hopefully you can find this guide useful for your need or your business.