Access your web mail? How?

If you have sign up web hosting plan, you will recieve your log in information . In this good moment, we will provide you a quick guide on How Do you access Your WebMail.

You need to set up an email account first, before you will be able to access it.  Please see tutorial on how to create email account here

Okay without further a do, let get started.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel. Use your username and password to log in.

Step 2. In the Email category, select Email Accounts menu.

Step 3. Click the Check Email button to the right of the email account you want to access.

Step 4. Please select the webmail view (interface) you want.

In addition to the above step, There is quick way to access your webmail directly. In a browser , Type with the  or format (Replace with correct domain name that you have registered).

That’s it , you are now able to access and log in you your email account. And you are ready to receive new email or send email to your friends, or business need.

Tha’ts all we can share with you to day about how to access your web mail . We hope this quick guide is helpfull for your personal and your business.